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Orbs, Dan Gluibizzi


Published by Commune in Tokyo Japan ad released at the 2017 LA Art Book Fair, Orbs is a 36 page zine filled with the water-color nudes of Portland Oregon based artist Dan Gluibizzi. Edition of 200 copies.

"If you post a nude selfie on the Internet, Dan Gluibizzi might find it and turn it into art. Commenting on the endless abyss of images we consume, along with the ubiquitous nature of selfies, he explores amateur adult sites and nudist blogs for the perfect image for his collages, which he uses as source material to create quietly powerful, anonymous figurative watercolors." – Juxtapoz Magazine

• 36 pages
• Full Color
• 8.5" x 5.5"
• released Mar 2017
• 1st edition of 200