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Zug #10: Noniggaho, Rita Ackermann/Richard Kern. + Noniggaho Reactions zine


Guest editor / Art and concept
Rita Ackermann with by photography by Richard Kern

92 pages of Rita Ackermann's drawings and painted works over controversial photos of gun-toting scantily clad women in head scarves by Richard Kern. This zine is sold as a combo with the Noniggaho Reactions zine that chronicles reactions to the zines images by female artists and women from other diverse backgrounds - including a nurse, a nail technician, students, French tourists, a homeless addict, a librarian, and a housewife.

• Published in 2016
• 9" x 6.5" inches
• 92 pages
• Offset Printed
• Edition of 1000
• Companion zine: Noniggaho Reactions, 28 pages, 4" x 7", with Survey and Text by Rebecca Fin Simonetti

Co-Published by Innen / Nieves Books in Switzerland