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Coming Soon:
• June - Group Show curated by Cinders Gallery
• July - Edie Fake solo show
• August - Louis Schmidt & Ben Medansky


Bitches Rule, Cycle 3 Zine Release/Show

Bitches Rule is an occasional "queer centric" art event and casual collective created to foster and showcase the artwork of LGBTQ artists of Los Angeles in an unconventional, non-traditional environment. Bitches Rule cycle 3 showcases both the work of emerging and established artists, exemplifying the sense of community and support that queer artists share. Some of us are in the 2014 Whitney Biennial, others show internationally and others simply just create. But one thing is clear, all these Bitches Rule!

Brian Gainey, Juan Martin Del Campo, John Arsenault, David Rasmussen, Zackary Drucker, prvtdncr, Bodega Vendetta, Paul Gellman, Brandon Andrew, Darin Klein, artist unknown, Duane Paul, Enrique Castrejon, Jesse Bernea

Bitches Rule cycle 3 zine release
On display, May 17th through June 1, 2014

&Pens is pleased to present
"World on a Wire", a solo exhibition of paintings by

CLUB PAINT is the collaborative project of Keith Boadwee, Isaac Gray and Erin Allen. For nearly five years Club Paint has exhibited widely. Shows include White Columns, New York; PROSPECT, New Orleans; Steven Wolf Fine Art, San Francisco; Niklas Schechinger Fine Art, Hamburg/Berlin Artist Curated Projects, Los Angeles; Rocks Box, Portland, OR; Paradise Garage, Los Angeles and Freedman Fitzpatrick, Los Angeles.

On Display April 12 to May 12, 2014
10157351_704372589610188_1449843081_n Image Credit, Club Paint: "World on a Wire" CLUB PAINT, 2011 Oil on Canvas, 84 x 66 inches

MOVE group show
"MOVE," a group show curated by RICH JACOBS

Opening Saturday March 15, 2014 Reception 7-9:30 p.m

featuring: Garry Davis (GSD), James Gallagher, Jordon Isip, Rich Jacobs, Tim Kerr, Rob Leecock, Matt Leines, Alex Lukas, Leah Mackin, Lucy McLauchlan, Mat O'Brien, Jason Polan, Robert Ryan, Chris Shary, Emily Shur, Billy Sprague, Jai Tanju, Trevor Traynor, Dustin Wengreen, and Sandy Yang. PLUS, musical performance by Eric Landmark.

On display through April 8, 2014
“For A Moment”, a solo exhibition by ceramicist Erik Scollon at & Pens

And Pens is pleased to announce "For A Moment" a solo show by Bay Area ceramic artist Erik Scollon.

Join us on Saturday, February 15 from 7-9pm for the opening reception.

The exhibition runs from Saturday, February 15 through March 10, 2014.

Press Release: "For A Moment" extends the meditation on embodied presence and its relation to memory that was begun in "A Moment Lasts Forever Until it's Gone" at Romer Young Gallery in San Francisco. The objects in "For A Moment" are things creatively borrowed from vanitas paintings as an engine of renewal, as well as reminding us of the importance of the ephemeral lived in moment of the present. The objects simultaneously open up and close down bodily awareness and preservation of memory. The act of securing memory embodies everything you need it to, while not really holding on to any of it, returning you back to the importance of the sensorial experience of here and now.

About the Artist: ERIK SCOLLON is an artist and writer based in Oakland, California. In 2008 he was selected to participate in YBCA's Bay Area Now 5, and his work has been seen in venues as diverse as art galleries, craft fairs, museum shows, design blogs and gay biker bars. He recived an MFA in ceramics and an MA in Visual and Critical Studies, both from California College of the Arts. Along with Amanda Curreri, he is the co-editor and co-founder of an (ir)regular artist publication, Color & Color, which aims to tactically connect artists with new audiences and expanded dialogue through the serial print medium of small books.

More of Scollon's work can be view here: Romer Young Gallery and on his website: erikscollon.tumblr

Friday November 1 - December 1, 2013

Screens - A solo exhibition by Kathleen Ryan
Curated by Michelle Blade

Kathleen Ryan's installation based ceramic sculptures are three dimensional sketches of commonplace architecture; cinder block walls, steel stair railings, security gates. Made of lustrous glazed ceramic, the fragile material is pushed to transcend its physical limits, playing opposing roles simultaneously.  As the sculptures hover above the ground or precariously upright, they also oscillate between utility and decoration, handmade and manufactured, glamour and grit, the banal and the sublime.

Kathleen Ryan is an artist living and working in her hometown Los Angeles. She is an MFA candidate at UCLA and will graduate in Spring 2014.

September 14 - October 14, 2013

book release and exhibition,
Secret Origins of the Crass Symbol by Dave King

Featuring a gallery exhibition of original graphic works, photographs, stencil pieces (including the Crass Symbol) and copies of the latest title on the & Pens Press imprint Secret Origins of the Crass Symbol. David King will be in attendance opening night for a rare Los Angeles appearance to sign copies of his new book.

• More images of the show by Juxtapoz Magazine
• Images of the show from Dave King here.
Dave King was born in London not long after the Second World War, when there was still food and clothing rationing and children played in mysterious and hazardous bomb sites, between rows of bland and un- damaged terraced or semi-detached houses. It was a grey world which didn’t see much colour until the economy finally improved in the Sixties, which were nothing if not colourful. To avoid a job as a bank clerk, King went to Art School (where he met the founding members of Crass.) For the next ten years he worked as a graphic designer and art director before “retiring” to the communal house that eventually became home to the band. He then moved to New York and fell happily into the Downtown music scene of the late Seventies, joining the band Arsenal. He did illustrations for the Museum of Modern Art and the logo for downtown club Danceteria as well as graphics for many bands. His band then moved to San Francisco in the early Eighties (a very interesting time in the California punk scene), becoming Sleeping Dogs, which appeared (as did Arsenal) on Crass Records. Today Dave King still lives in San Francisco, still designs logos and works on his own graphic, photographic and film projects.

& Pens is pleased to announce the Los Angeles release party for,

SFAQ International
Arts & Culture issue 14

September 7th, 6-9pm
With musical Performances curated by
Tyson Vogel of Two Gallants
SFAQ Issue 14 Cover_web1
Issue 14 includes: Paul Schimmel, Ryan McGinley, Don Ed Hardy, Mark Flood, Robert Bechtle, Hijikata Tatsumi & Buto, Bonnie Ora Sherk, Sandy Kim and much more.

In the Fall of 2013, SFAQ will launch an online international event listings guide and corresponding free app. Its initial listings will cover NYC, LA, SF Bay Area and more. This application will join the rich and informative reviews, interviews and op-ed perspectives published on SFAQ ONLINE, covering national and international art and culture.

A free arts publication founded in 2010 and based out of San Francisco, SFAQ covers contemporary and historical art movements, artists, curators, galleries and more with special attention to Conceptual, Avant Garde, socially active and Performance based arts.

SFAQ is currently distributed in the Bay Area, NYC, Los Angeles, Seattle, Portland, Chicago, Boston, Albuquerque, Atlanta, Birmingham, Baltimore, Toronto, Cairo, Mexico City, Paris, Milano, Tokyo, Shanghai, Istanbul, Athens, and Copenhagen; as well as at leading world art fairs like Art Dubai and The Armory Show; and cultural events like the 2013 Istanbul Biennial.