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Arrington de Dionyso, Trance Dancers of the Open Flower

by Arrington de Dionyso

$12.00 / Sold Out

A three-color riso/digital zine filled with the mystical sexualized imagery of Olympia Washington based artist, musician, mystic, linguist, and designer Arrington de Dionyso. Somewhat provocative and somewhat eerie, like a slightly more twisted Henry Darger the nymphs, fairies, and anthropomorphic forrest creatures Dionyso's world frolic amongst the pages of this zine. Founder of groups Old Time Relijun and Malakat Dansinga, he has released over three dozen albums and numerous self-released art books. The sumi ink drawings repurposed and collaged for this publication were originally created for the spring/summer 2015 men's collection for French fashion label Saint Laurent.

Published January 2015 by & Pens Press.

• 40 Pages (80 lb card stock cover/67 lb insides)
• Three-color risograph/digital printed
• Measures 7" x 5.25"