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Hannah E. Brown, Butterfly Whisper Zine

by Hannah E. Brown


Butterfly Whisper Zine, 2024

Exhibition Catalog
Signed Edition of 70
Black Inkjet print on paper
5.5" x 8.5"

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Exhibition Info:

And Pens presents,
Heaven Seeker / Promise Keeper
a solo exhibition by
Hannah E. Brown

On display Saturday May 11 through June 8, 2024

And Pens is proud to present Hannah E. Brown’s first Los Angeles solo show. Los Angeles based Brown works in in graphite and pencil rendering beautiful imagery of soulful introspective women and plant life. The works contain a dash of mysticism, disproportion, and other worldliness suggesting something beyond the image in front of the viewer. She taps into the essence of what it feels like to remember a dream from the night before, transporting one into something real but also fantasy.